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I just received the some of worst customer service of my life.I wanted to ask the pharmacist (the pharmacist who cares)to suggest a infant medication for my son who is 30 months olds.

After waiting three - minutes waiting for some assistance from your pharmacist who is litterally sitting two feet away and utterly ignoring me; I finally said, "Dude, are you open?" he replied, "we are indeed open". Then he continued to ignore me! After another minute I decided to walk away. This incident wouldn't be so bad had it not been 2:00 AM in the morning and I'm the only person in the fucken person in the store!

Oh yea, did I mention, I said hello to him when I approached the counter and recieved no response. I'm a retired Navy SEAL combat action Independent Duty Corpsman, college educated.

During my last three years of service, I operated the largest Specwarfare Medical clinic in the absences of a Doctor.If one of my guys treated a patient like this, I would have put my boot up his ***!

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First off, I'm not exaggerating the circumstances. I have over tweny years of patient care while in the service. If you came to my clinic you wouldn't be treated like this.


What does your military service have to do with CVS?

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